Who We Are

Eaglecrest Counseling Center is one of Southwest Missouri’s premier Christian mental health providers. Founded in 1997, ECC was formed in response to a dire need for high quality, Christ-centered psychological services. Eaglecrest has a strong tradition of excellence that upholds the highest standards of care while helping clients attain greater emotional, behavioral, and spiritual well-being. ECC treats individuals, couples, and families at their point of greatest need. The caring professionals recognize and acknowledge the tremendous stressors and pressures that have become so prevalent in today’s society and are ready to help our clients sort through the things that are bogging them down and robbing their joy.

What We Do

Combining the best that the field of mental health has to offer, Eaglecrest Counseling Center’s clinicians are selected not only on the basis of their education, experience and skills, but also on their personal integrity and high moral standards. Our staff consists of licensed psychologists, counselors, marriage and family therapists, and physicians who are trained to readily identify and treat a wide spectrum of common problems such as: Depression, Anxiety, Relationship problems, Parenting skills, Spiritual issues, Substance abuse, Family issues, ADD/ADHD, Conduct/behavior problems, Sexual Dysfunctions, Eating Disorders, and much more. It is the mission and prayer of ECC to provide a safe place of growth for individuals and families… so that those who have been wounded can seek and find the strength to not only carry on, but to…“mount up with wings as eagles” and soar!