Joann Weston

Joann is a Licensed Professional Counselor, and earned her Master’s Degree in counseling in 2013 from Missouri Baptist University. She has an undergraduate in Social Work from University of Missouri- St. Louis.

In addition to her formal master level of education in counseling, Joann has received intensive training in Cognitive Behavior Therapy. She is trained and licensed in many treatment options. Joann’s passion is to serve individuals who suffer with deeper, more enduring, emotional, mental and psychological pain, which often manifests as chronic physical pain. She has also obtained specialized Cognitive Behavior Therapy for Pain Management. However, her choice of treatment is always based on each individual’s needs.

Joann has worked with various populations and individuals to help them navigate life’s many difficulties and problems. Her focus is to help people gain the tools and knowledge they need in order for them to experience hope and healing for a better quality of life.
The thought of hope is the seed to healing.