Christ-centered psychological services

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Individual Therapy

Available to children, adolescents and adults. Most people attend therapy one time per week, where each session will typically last for 50 minutes. If you feel that you need to attend sessions more or less frequently, please discuss it with your therapist.

Couples/Family Therapy

Designed to improve and strengthen couple and family relationships, therapy is provided by individual therapists specifically trained in a family systems approach to counseling. These sessions can also be tailored for those seeking pre-marital counseling services.

Marriage R&R

This signature program is designed to help restore and revitalize marriages in crisis. These intensive 2 or 4 day specialized and comprehensive treatment programs are individually tailored to help couples change unhealthy patterns of relating to each other and to get back on track to a healthier, happier marriage. Our Marriage R&R’s work with 1 to 4 couples at a time.

Group Therapy

Eaglecrest periodically offers topic specific group therapy for individuals experiencing a variety of problems including marital communication and conflict resolution; parenting issues; anger management; depression and anxiety, and others.

Psychological Evaluations

Individual psychological evaluations for both children and adults are available and conducted for both diagnostic and treatment purposes.

EMDR/Trauma Recovery

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) is a therapy that aids trauma recovery and emotional issues. Traumatic experiences can become locked in the brain and triggered by reminders, causing discomfort and negative emotions. EMDR's eye movements unlock the system, enabling the brain to process the original experience. Remember, it's your brain doing the healing, and you have control.


Southwest Missouri’s Premier Christian Mental Health Providers

Founded in 1997, ECC was formed in response to a dire need for high-quality, Christ-centered psychological services. Eaglecrest has a strong tradition of excellence that upholds the highest standards of care while helping clients attain greater emotional, behavioral, and spiritual well-being. ECC treats individuals (including children, teens, adults, and seniors), couples, and families. The caring professionals recognize and acknowledge the tremendous stressors and pressures that have become so prevalent in today’s society and are ready to help our clients sort through the things that are bogging them down and robbing their joy.

Combining the best that the mental health field offers, Eaglecrest Counseling Center’s clinicians are selected not only based on their education, experience, skills, personal integrity, and high moral standards. Our staff consists of licensed psychologists, counselors, marriage and family and therapists who are trained to readily identify and treat a wide spectrum of common problems such as Depression, Anxiety, EMDR/trauma recovery, Relationship problems, Parenting skills, Spiritual issues, Substance abuse, Family issues, ADD/ADHD, Conduct/behavior problems, Sexual Dysfunctions, Eating Disorders, and much more.


Sound Psychological Counseling with a Christian Emphasis

Eaglecrest Counseling Center, Inc began its ministry on August 4, 1997, by Dr. Debbie Cherry, who saw a need for sound psychological counseling with a Christian emphasis in Springfield, Missouri. Our staff has over 150 years of counseling experience and is ready to help you reach a stronger, healthier place in your life.

Our motto, “When you’re ready to soar”, comes from our belief that God’s desire for each of us is that we live a life trusting and leaning on Him so that He is our strength, when we do that we can soar like eagles.