We offer a variety of conferences, each is listed below. Here's our current list of Eaglecrest Counseling Center's fee schedule for Retreats and Conferences. We would like to help make your event a success, here's a few marketing tips we have learned over the years. If you are interested in scheduling a conference for you next event, please contact us.

"Unlocking the Treasure of Marriage"...This is a general enrichment conference 
based on the biblical principle of treasuring from Luke 12:34.

Childproofing Your Marriage

"Childproofing your Marriage"...This conference is geared toward married couples 
who have children in the home.  The focus is on learning to keep your marriage a priority 
during the parenting years and not allowing your children to steal your intimacy.

The Strong Willed Wife

Our newest conference "The Strong willed Wife" is based on Dr. Cherry's newest 
book by the same title. This conference is specifically for women who want to learn how 
to use their personality to honor God and their husbands. Strengths and weaknesses of 
this personality style are addressed as is the commandment to biblical submission. The 
conference can be geared to women only or to couples struggling with this issue.

Intentional Parenting

This conference is based on Dr. Cherry’s book, Escaping the Parent Trap, and focuses on the importance of "relationship before rules" as a basic foundation of parenting more so than specific parenting strategies...although effective and non-effective strategies are also addressed.  One of the major components is the importance of "intentional parenting" that is required if we are to "train up a child in the way he should go."

Women of Value

This conference is great for a weekend ladies retreat. It focuses on growing women stronger personally, spiritually and relationally. Dr. Cherry teaches that women of value:

  • know who they are and how to love themselves
  • are strengthened through the storms of life
  • know where they fit and are content there