In counseling children and teenagers, it can be quite difficult to properly diagnose their particular problem without improperly putting a label on them. Over the years I continue to see kids with numerous behavioral, emotional, spiritual, and neurological problems.
Some of the more prominent issues currently observed in children are: depression, anxiety, fatigue, behavioral disorders, Asperger’s disorder, and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. I work hard to avoid over or under diagnosing any of these conditions. And once a diagnosis is determined, I go over this with the parents to inform them of the various treatment approaches and if there is a need to involve other agencies. The earlier any problems areas are addressed, the sooner the child and family can begin having a higher quality of life. Many such issues arise throughout the school year where there are an untold number of daily stressors. If emotional or behavioral problems do arise, then it is imperative to get assistance as quickly as possible for the student to not fall behind on schoolwork.