Escaping the Parent Trap

14 Principles for a balanced family life.

by Dr. Debbie L. Cherry

Nobody’s a perfect parent, but anybody can be a great parent. You can escape the “parent trap” and be effective while maintaining a balanced, satisfied life of your own. In a fresh new way, Dr. Debbie Cherry offers you solid, practical tools that will help you navigate the maze of marriage, work, and parenting without becoming exhausted and burned out. As a result, you’ll become a more effective parent and better able to foster your children’s faith development, enabling them to be all God created them to be.

“Most parenting books simply tell you what a good parent should do; Escaping the Parent Trap shows you how to do it…Dr. Debbie Cherry offers intensely practical advice on the essential parenting techniques that every parent needs.”

Dr. Gary Smalley

“Dr. Debbie Cherry tells readers they don’t need to be “super parents” to raise healthy kids and have a balanced family life. Her 14 tried and true principles will help parents be successful while enjoying the journey.”

Gary D. Chapman, Ph.D.

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The Strong-willed Wife

Using your personality to honor God and your husband

by Dr. Debbie L. Cherry

Submission isn’t a four-letter word! Women today receive two very different messages about the Bible’s design for marriage. The church teaches submission to all God-given authority, while our culture encourages independence from anyone or anything.

By tackling the common concerns and misconceptions that distort the truth, Dr. Debbie L. Cherry presents how the scriptural concept of authority is designed to be a vital part of a loving, secure relationship. You’ll discover freedom in letting your husband lead, because submission doesn’t mean denying who you are.

“Being married to an amazingly godly and quite strong-willed woman, I have learned firsthand the struggles and wonderful blessings that come from a wife with those personality traits. Debbie Cherry has done an outstanding job of tackling this very sensitive topic that I believe can be addressed effectively only by a strong-willed woman. Debbie reaches the reader by her willingness to expose her own struggles with biblical submission within her marriage. This book provides a wonderful starting point for any strong-willed woman to learn how to balance her personality in such a way that it brings honor to both God and her husband.”

Gary Smalley

“Dr. Debbie Cherry tackles one of the most misunderstood and touchy subjects among women today with sensitivity and wisdom. Debbie has done what few strong-willed women want to do: explore God’s intent for marriage. As only a strong-willed wife herself could do, she challenges other strong-willed wives to be all God intended them to be both in and out of the marriage. Thank you, Debbie, for your boldness and vulnerability!”

Dr. Tim Clinton, EdD, LPC, LMFT

“This book draws you in – even if you’re skeptical. Dr. Cherry provides a well-reasoned and compelling argument for what biblical submission should look like for both men and women. I can hardly wait to talk to her about it on the radio!”

Dan Robbins, producer
Focus on the Family’s Weekend Magazine

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Childproofing Your Marriage

Keeping your marriage a priority during the parenting years.

by Dr. Debbie L. Cherry

It’s an increasingly common issue today…couples spend their childbearing years nurturing their children at the expense of their marriage! Couples tend to think, “After the kids are gone, we’ll get to be a couple again.” In many cases, by the time the kids are off to college, so much distance has crept in that couples hardly know each other. But this scenario can easily be avoided! Divorces can be prevented and arguments avoided when couples discover the importance – and the principles—of being couple-focused rather than child-focused. In Childproofing Your Marriage, Dr. Debbie Cherry provides easy-to-follow directions to help couples avoid the pitfalls of growing apart. Learning to nurture your marriage while nurturing your children is a priceless skill that may just save your marriage!

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Feeding Your Appetites

Take Control of What’s Controlling You!

by Stephen Arterburn & Dr. Debra Cherry

Money, Sex, Food, Work, Ego…What God intends for good can be the greatest enemy of a healthy, joyful life!

Our appetites are like fire! They can fill our lives with warmth, or they can become an uncontrolled inferno that is capable of destroying a career, a marriage, a soul!

If you’ve ever struggled with cravings – for chocolate, shopping, alcohol, sex, cars, work, power – you know how it works. Best-selling author Stephen Arterburn and Dr. Debra Cherry reach below the surface of such harmful behaviors to address the underlying needs that drive us all — and how those hungers can bring us fulfillment, not frustration. This insightful and practical guide will help you:

  • Discover the original – and very good! – purpose for your appetites
  • Develop useful strategies for managing your misdirected or out-of-control cravings
  • Understand how body chemistry, personal history, cultural environment, and spiritual state may affect your appetites and your response to them
  • Uncover not-so-obvious connections between appetites, addictions and sin
  • Expose phony and inadequate sources of satisfaction
  • “retrain your brain” to fill your needs in positive ways
  • Focus on spiritual fruit instead of forbidden fruit
  • Avoid the trap of “spiritual anorexia,” which numbs you to what you really need

Maybe you haven’t given much thought to what drives your life. Here’s your chance to consider all your appetites in a new light – and bring under control the ones that are keeping you from the life you long to live.

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Discovering the Treasure of Marriage

You can fall in love again! And again! And again!

by Dr. Debbie L. Cherry

In Discovering the Treasure of Marriage, author and counselor Dr. Debbie Cherry can show you how to uncover the hidden treasure in your spouse and develop a ‘happily-ever-after” marriage. Based on the basic biblical principal of “treasuring,” this book will teach you how to apply this principal in all aspects of your marriage. Once you begin to understand the process of falling in and out of love, you will understand that by applying this simple wisdom from scripture you can remain in love until death do you part.

You can learn how to:
Identify and express warm fuzzies to your spouse, make each other and your marriage a priority, and treasure each other in your thoughts and actions.

Then, and only then, will you get your “heart” back where it belongs, dealing with the cold pricklies in your relationship, and have a relationship that is worth fighting for. By applying the simple and practical principles in this book, you and your spouse will discover what an incredible gift God has given you in each other and you will learn the treasure of your marriage.

“It’s the “little things” that make or break a marriage. Dr. Debbie Cherry gives practical ideas on how to focus on the “little things” that keep a marriage alive; rather than the “little things” which are destructive.”

Gary D. Chapman, Ph.D.
author of the best selling book The Five Love Languages.

“Consider this book your roadmap to the buried treasures of more intimacy and passion with your soul mate and soon you will be enjoying the riches your relationship longs for.”

Drs. Les and Leslie Parrott
Seattle Pacific University
Authors of Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts

“On numerous occasions, I’ve referred ministers and their families to Dr. Debbie Cherry for marriage counseling. Her input into their lives was valuable and her technique for helping marriages is unique and powerful. I am pleased that she has begun to put her thoughts into writing because I feel the church world needs her wisdom and insight. This book will change lives, encourage discouraged couples, and serve as a dynamic tool for the church. I have felt that we needed a “Christian Dr. Laura” for a long time. Dr. Cherry could be that person.”

Dr. Wayde Goodall
Pastor, First Assembly, Winston-Salem, NC
Prior National Director of Ministerial Enrichment and
Pastor to over 32,000 pastors with the Assemblies of God

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