My Spouse is a Stranger: Adjusting to the Empty Nest

July 28, 2010By Dr. DebbieMarriage No Comments

By Debbie L. Cherry, Ph.D. Author of Child-proofing Your Marriage Jan sipped her coffee as she looked across the breakfast table at her husband. John was reading the newspaper like he’d done every morning for the past 28 years…nothing different…and yet Jan felt like everything was different. So many things had changed. Their youngest child … Read More

Marriage Under Pressure

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Two weeks ago, Tom was laid off. He and his wife, Renee, trust that God is in control and has another job for him. So why do they keep snapping at each other? John and Mary lost their four-month-old girl to SIDS. They are extremely sad, but instead of crying together, they fight constantly. Worse … Read More

Unlocking the Treasure of Marriage Conference

July 3, 2010By Dr. DebbieMarriage 1 Comment

Check out our conferences page to learn more about our exciting marriage enrichment conference “Unlocking the Treasure of Marriage.” It’s just what you marriage needs whether you are happily married and just looking to for a fun way to spend a weekend focusing on each other; or if your struggling and really needing some new … Read More

Rethinking Traditional Marriage Roles

July 2, 2010By Dr. DebbieMarriage No Comments

By: Debbie L. Cherry, Ph.D. Maggie and Max are anything but your traditional couple. They have role reversal issues in just about every area of their life. Maggie is quiet, introspective and analytical in her personality while Max is much more outgoing, emotional and social. Maggie has served in the US Navy and is now a captain on … Read More